Friday, November 6, 2009

Wine night!

The first Thursday of every month is wine night. A small group of accomplished women gather each month in a different home and discuss pretty much everything from world politics to hooking up Apple TV over three different bottles of wine. Since I was the last to join I'm not sure why three however it seems to have worked over the years.

Ground rules - only 2!
1. The host decides the flavour as to Red, White, or Sparkling, Country.
2. Men are allowed only in passing - that is to either walk the dog, take the kids out or make sure the appetizers are ready to serve.

The tradition started many years ago and has endured dating, babies and long term friendship.

November was my turn. It was a great night. For those who want to try a new flavour here are my three awesome finds (we don't get too technical, it makes the experience that much better)-

1. Friends - (Australian) Elderton Barossa 2008 shiraz (I think this was Viive's favorite)
2. Chateau Lafaurie-Monbadon (French) 2005 Bordeaux (who wouldn't love this)
3. Rocca delle macie (Italy) 2005 Chianti Riserva (needs to decant but is claimed to be the next 'great buy' for the coming festive season).

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