Monday, November 9, 2009

Sherpa weekend

Ahhhhh the weekend is finally here! While John went to a running clinic, I finished the rest of the 'fall' yard-work (thankfully I got out of cutting the grass and blowing the rest of the leaves out of the evestroph). Than I drove to Collingwood on a beautiful warm fall day and picked up the 'new' chalet key.

Good News ! John did finish the laundry..... since my earlier comment of laundry it seems the basket is delivered downstairs to the washing machine and gets put into the machine. :)

Sunday was a great was 'professional development' day for ski instructors (CSIA). After my volunteer shift on the registration table I was able to enjoy some very good sessions. The day ended with a motivational speech by Brian Stemmel (who for those who don't know, is an Olympian Athlete who's sport was 'alpine racing'). I have to mention this since a good friend just informed me she had no clue who he was.

Thought for the day - to be educated, active and healthy does not mean you need to be an athlete in the 'Olympic' sense.

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  1. That's a good trade on John's part. Yard work for Laundry. lol