Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mornings Rock!

Okay, I have identified a few things I'm not ----daily blogger, OCD personality, and shopper. I have read a few blogs of John's pertaining to the fact that he isn't a morning person. I have also seen a few comments agreeing with his thoughts on mornings!. Comment - he does not lie however don't fool yourself, he will never be a morning person and that's okay too! I will have to inform the world that GOD created morning people and night people. It is a rare occasion that these habits change. Trust me! People adapt...dogs are good alarms, wives who open blinds at 5:30am are great and announcing (in high pitched voices) the weather is not a bad thing! But when you are hardwired in a certain like your sleep (OR NOT).

I love the sunrise and I am usually asleep by sunset. I have no guilt and relish the thought that I have probably seen more awesome mornings (even when it rains) than most people. The best was camping in the 'outback' of Alberta/BC and being surrounded by a heard of 15 Elk (yes I have photos). I will rarely see the late night news (okay maybe CBC ) or David Letterman. Do I care? no

I grew up in the world of 5:00am 'patch' sessions. My father had no problem driving be into town for 5:15am sessions. He was a 'morning' person, my mother was the 'night' person (I figured out in my 20's they had the ultimate relationship for raising kids - LOL). I was a figure skater (I led a life like hockey-player but we had to do it earlier to get ice-time).

My fathers idea of an alarm was turning on the light, opening the blinds and leaving the room......however ultimately if you wanted a ride into town that meant 20 minutes before he left (with or without mercy rule). My dad was the ultimate morning person....up and ready by 5:30

Friday, November 13, 2009

Johnny Tai

John made his favorite meal. It was great!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mind and Body

I can't believe it is Thursday already. The week has been filled with activity of the mind and body.
The MIND - Remembrance Day - a day where everyone bonds together as one group. Each individual will experience this day differently however the common theme is the same - freedom.
The BODY (this is the easy one).....Mon (run), Tue (yoga), Wed (run - with a friend), Thur (yoga). I may even do a extra run tonight .....hmmmm. Wow, 6 months ago I would have said you were crazy if you thought I would do two different sessions of exercises in one day not to mention - everyday! I'm not sure if this momentum will continue however I hope it does.....and John thought this IM stuff was all about him - LOL
Update from the laundry pile - I have managed to laundry and ironing, this week. I have to admit, my mother had to intervene and she took 2 months (no jokes) of ironing to her place to finish. Okay, I had to drive north 2 hrs to deliver it. So much for thinking I could save money at the dry cleaners. I would like it stated for the record...a pattern is forming.....John starts the laundry and I finish, it works. Now I just have to figure out how to convince him that vacuuming is a form of exercise - the question is which one.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sherpa weekend

Ahhhhh the weekend is finally here! While John went to a running clinic, I finished the rest of the 'fall' yard-work (thankfully I got out of cutting the grass and blowing the rest of the leaves out of the evestroph). Than I drove to Collingwood on a beautiful warm fall day and picked up the 'new' chalet key.

Good News ! John did finish the laundry..... since my earlier comment of laundry it seems the basket is delivered downstairs to the washing machine and gets put into the machine. :)

Sunday was a great was 'professional development' day for ski instructors (CSIA). After my volunteer shift on the registration table I was able to enjoy some very good sessions. The day ended with a motivational speech by Brian Stemmel (who for those who don't know, is an Olympian Athlete who's sport was 'alpine racing'). I have to mention this since a good friend just informed me she had no clue who he was.

Thought for the day - to be educated, active and healthy does not mean you need to be an athlete in the 'Olympic' sense.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wine night!

The first Thursday of every month is wine night. A small group of accomplished women gather each month in a different home and discuss pretty much everything from world politics to hooking up Apple TV over three different bottles of wine. Since I was the last to join I'm not sure why three however it seems to have worked over the years.

Ground rules - only 2!
1. The host decides the flavour as to Red, White, or Sparkling, Country.
2. Men are allowed only in passing - that is to either walk the dog, take the kids out or make sure the appetizers are ready to serve.

The tradition started many years ago and has endured dating, babies and long term friendship.

November was my turn. It was a great night. For those who want to try a new flavour here are my three awesome finds (we don't get too technical, it makes the experience that much better)-

1. Friends - (Australian) Elderton Barossa 2008 shiraz (I think this was Viive's favorite)
2. Chateau Lafaurie-Monbadon (French) 2005 Bordeaux (who wouldn't love this)
3. Rocca delle macie (Italy) 2005 Chianti Riserva (needs to decant but is claimed to be the next 'great buy' for the coming festive season).

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yoga Hurt

I think I'm going to hurt tomorrow. A new yoga studio opened literally a 5 min walk. It was a great class and is definitely part of the new exercise regime. So far John's new adventure has proven to be good for both of us. He even managed to get a discount on yoga clothing. I feel the urge to shop!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The laundry is building!

Laundry seems to be the interesting part of life that no one really speaks about. We all wear clothes and they all need to be washed. It doesn't matter where you live on this planet, the concept is still pretty much the same.

The one thing I'm starting to notice is John and I have more of it! Living in a smaller house, I really don't like the idea of smelly clothes lying around so I seem to be doing a load a day - good thing we have a front loader washer. Hopefully I can conserve some water.