Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mornings Rock!

Okay, I have identified a few things I'm not ----daily blogger, OCD personality, and shopper. I have read a few blogs of John's pertaining to the fact that he isn't a morning person. I have also seen a few comments agreeing with his thoughts on mornings!. Comment - he does not lie however don't fool yourself, he will never be a morning person and that's okay too! I will have to inform the world that GOD created morning people and night people. It is a rare occasion that these habits change. Trust me! People adapt...dogs are good alarms, wives who open blinds at 5:30am are great and announcing (in high pitched voices) the weather is not a bad thing! But when you are hardwired in a certain like your sleep (OR NOT).

I love the sunrise and I am usually asleep by sunset. I have no guilt and relish the thought that I have probably seen more awesome mornings (even when it rains) than most people. The best was camping in the 'outback' of Alberta/BC and being surrounded by a heard of 15 Elk (yes I have photos). I will rarely see the late night news (okay maybe CBC ) or David Letterman. Do I care? no

I grew up in the world of 5:00am 'patch' sessions. My father had no problem driving be into town for 5:15am sessions. He was a 'morning' person, my mother was the 'night' person (I figured out in my 20's they had the ultimate relationship for raising kids - LOL). I was a figure skater (I led a life like hockey-player but we had to do it earlier to get ice-time).

My fathers idea of an alarm was turning on the light, opening the blinds and leaving the room......however ultimately if you wanted a ride into town that meant 20 minutes before he left (with or without mercy rule). My dad was the ultimate morning person....up and ready by 5:30

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