Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Switching gears a little

I don't imagine this will happen to much in the next year however today is all about me (or at least tonight). It's skiboot time, my old boots have been great for the last 7 years and it's time to retire them. I fortunately was able to narrow my choices down and will make the final decision tonight. I have a narrow ankles and have had foot surgery so it should be a interesting experience.....and yes, I am thinking about my level 3 instructors (someday - no pressure).

The goal this season is to ski a little bit harder and a little bit longer - It's hard to get motivated in the dark, rainy days of Fall. I find most people are either dreading the coming months or embracing them. Fortunately I can say that I have always been an embracer. Let it snow.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My First Day

Well here I go, today is the first of many that I will be able to comment on the wonderful world of how to become an Ironman or Ironwoman...... (Today's random thought, if you were called an Ironwoman what would your tattoo look like??? That would be a weird logo).

Anyway, the good news is hopefully after the year I will have accomplished a few goals of my own. What may surprise you is what some of my goals might be, such as John learning to cook (barbecuing doesn't count). Kidding aside I am looking forward to kicking it up a knotch and accepting the challenge, while John sets out to achieve his goal I will be able to learn a few things along the road. I think it may surprise even me.

So far the training has been healthy for both of us. Yoga on Monday's, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and at least one run a week where John has to run at my pace and can not pass me. This has been a challenge for both of keeping a set pace and John not passing me.

p.s. Happy Birthday David Cameron